Men, this is why women hate adding you to social media

Jason has been using social media since 2006. Although she has spent quite a few dates there, she doesn’t always recommend it.

Social networks are an interesting place. Every year, many people go online through social networks. Even every day. In most cases, these people do not know each other. They had never met. They may not even realize that they are being tricked or trolled by a fake profile when they decide to accept a friend request or subscription.

They Don’t Know You

Why do we accept strangers’ requests to view our personal life on social networks? The day before social networks or the Internet, we didn’t just open the door of our house and say: “Come in! Meet my children! These are my pets! Do you want to see what I have for dinner?”

I think there are many reasons why people not only accept, but also invite complete strangers into their lives through social networks. Many do this for network reasons. I have been working as a freelancer for almost 20 years. From the very beginning, I realized how important it is to meet many people. During this time, I have added more than 25,000 local residents to my social networks. I earned about a quarter of a million dollars from clients I attracted through social networks and from referrals of people on my social networks. Works.

Other people do this to assert themselves in their daily lives. When you hear many people repeat and agree with your thoughts about everything, you gain confidence in which path you are on. Some even like to show a certain lifestyle, their achievements or photos of themselves or their family. Some feel quite lonely in their real life. The connections they make on social media are the reason for most or all of the friendships they enjoy.

Over the last 16 years that I have been working in social networks, I have seen quite pathetic and shameful things that men have said and done in women’s posts on social networks. I probably made some of them myself. A Facebook profile picture of me standing in front of the pool at the most opportune moment in my life comes to mind. At the time when I was single for the first time for the first time in 3 1/2 years. Quite embarrassing looking back. However, at the end of 2011, he attracted my 10-year-old girlfriend. I promised her that I would make her laugh 30 times in 30 days as soon as we started texting back and forth. And I did it. Now we always laughed together.

They Notice Something More Than Just Appearance

Some men add all the physically attractive women they can find on social media. These guys are easy to spot. Often these are those who have shirtless profile pictures or photos of them pumping iron in the gym. If you look through his list of friends, you will probably see that most of them are women. Usually there are very few women who look like models among normal people and even fewer among men.

This does not mean that women never add random handsome men to their lists. Of course, you can go both ways. But I would venture to say that more men add random beautiful women than women add beautiful and very fit men. I think a lot of men view social media more as websites for communication, while women tend to establish more real connections with other people.

You Don’t Have Any Shortcuts On The Internet

Besides the fact that women notice that their new friend’s social media contact list looks more like a harem than a friend list, they also notice what they will say. Receiving a random message in your private messages with the words: “Hello.”pretty disappointing. Starting conversations in these PMS and suddenly getting a random image of your penis is also a concern for most women. Friends, trust me. She doesn’t want to see him. Especially not on screen, if ever.

It’s not just personal messages that men fail at on social media. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen women post about something specific and a man comment on something COMPLETELY randomly in a message. Something that has nothing to do with the post. Usually it is followed by “LOL”. I’m sorry, Chad. You’re not a 12-year-old girl, don’t comment “LOL”. Get up and use “LOL”.

It is also puzzling when men express their point of view in a woman’s messages about any problem or experience that they had as a woman. Many men quickly insert the comment “Yes, but…” into the message. They didn’t ask for your opinion, Brock. Leave now. Support the publication or, even better, do not comment. No one wants to hear “yes, but…”from no one. Especially a man who was not invited to the publication of a woman on social networks.

Another aspect that many women encounter on men’s social media is comments on images. Men are never in a more Neanderthal state than when an attractive woman posts her new photo. God forbid, this is a training photo or a swimsuit. A lot of men must be thinking, “Oh, she’s showing off her body or a lot of skin, she needs my eager comments.- No, not really, maybe some women do. But believe me, most likely, not many women will want to see your 20 stupid fire emoticons in a row or for you to comment: “It’s hot. Sexy. Hey, baby. Dad likes it. “Be a good girl, for God’s sake. And it’s even better not to comment at all.

This brings me to the next point: don’t be friends with someone you don’t want to know as a real friend. Ladies, if a random guy wants to make friends with you on social media, he usually wants to make friends with his body. It’s not that all men are looking for a one-night stand. Or even sex or relationships. Men and women can certainly make friends and be friends on social media without any second intentions. But this is less common than usual.

If a woman you don’t know is nice enough to accept your friendship request, treat her well. Do not send her a private message at the moment when she accepts your friend request, and do not tell her: “What’s the matter?” Or “Hi.”I would delete someone for this nonsense if she was a woman. Don’t send it by email at all. Participate in their publications only if they are natural or organic. But please don’t comment on all the posts and photos I post. Nothing says “stalker” like an overly impatient new friend.

You need a better sense of humor

Also, be smart. Be funny. Not only in their publications, but also in your publications. No one wants to be friends with someone who has nothing interesting to say. Or they have terrible racist, intolerant, homophobic, sexist or xenophobic posts that they constantly publish around the world. Yes, this is your page, but they have the right to remove you from their friends list. I don’t owe you anything, Mr. Social media intruder.

I’ve always been a funny guy on social media. I like to make people laugh. When I was younger in elementary and middle school, I could get girls’ attention by being funny and making them laugh. Despite being a somewhat awkward-looking kid, I’ve always had friends of the opposite sex since I was a comedian. It was enough to make me feel good. I’ve been posting funny jokes on social media for the 16 years I’ve been involved in them. Photos of my wonderful family. My sweet little dog. I’d like to think that I’ve used social media in the best way I know how to make people appreciate that I’m on their friend list.


Bottom line: Don’t cross normal boundaries, which most people have common sense about. We understand that there are probably lonely and nice guys there. But there is a fine line between being perceived as a good guy on social media and a creepy, hooligan guy. If you need to think for more than 10 seconds whether to leave any comments on a woman’s post on social networks, do not do this, especially if you are new to her page. The people you meet in real life are a completely different story. Be kind to women, guys. They deserve it.