6 Reasons You Were Unfriended on Social Media

1. Politics, religion, sex and money

The saying goes that it is impolite to talk about politics, religion, sex and money in a decent company, and many people still have such an opinion, no matter how old-fashioned it may seem to some. Some people don’t mind mentioning all these things as long as they agree with their own views on those things. In the past, a person could live his whole life without knowing what everyone thought about politics. It is now possible to make friends with a seemingly sweet and calm lady at work only to find out that she is a fierce racist.

If you don’t mind being unfriendly with your opinion on current issues, write and share! The only way to avoid this is to never share your point of view, which is boring. So be yourself and share what you feel comfortable sharing. If you’re not a racist, then you’re an asshole and you’re lucky that anyone who doesn’t share your views even gets in touch with you.

2. You have become a “Victim” of a massive hostile

I haven’t done this before, but it seems popular to scroll through your friends list and delete friends or unfollow people you haven’t talked to in a long time or will probably never see again. I didn’t have any friends once and I checked that person’s timeline to find out what had happened. At the top of his page, he wrote that he had just lost friends with a group of people, and they probably didn’t even notice. The message in question was old, so she had a good point because it took me a while to even notice that it was gone.

3. You did something that Affected them Badly

Some people feel uncomfortable confronting people about what they might have done to upset them. They would rather handle it by distancing themselves from YOU in cyberspace. If that person is a family member or a close friend and you have no idea what he has done, take a moment to think about everything. Is it easy to offend this person or do you feel like you are walking on eggshells all the time when you are around him? if you know them well enough, you know the answers to those questions and it may be a good idea to distance yourself from that person for a while, and maybe they will come and tell you what the problem was. If it really bothers you and you know that person well enough, maybe the best solution is to talk to him in the real world.

4. A hostile person has left or changed jobs and does not want Luggage

Sometimes people like to completely break away from society when they leave a place or work that perhaps did not suit them. Maybe they weren’t at their best when you knew it at the time, and you remind them of that. It’s hard not to take him seriously, but honestly ask yourself if his absence from your life will really affect you in the long run or if your ego has been affected a little.

Personally, I worked with someone who was not well liked. Most people ignored this person, but I would open my big mouth and try to argue. I thought I was hiding my dislike for this man, but I was very wrong. Once I left my job, the hassle of the office took away my friendship. I think I need to work on hiding my irritated face.

5. You didn’t Buy What They Were Selling

Social networks are great for self-promotion. I’m going to be brave here and say that a lot of what we post on social media is self-promotion; however, when it gets a little more complicated, that’s when someone really wants us to buy something with real money. This is probably a familiar story for some of you, but a few years ago, an old acquaintance from high school became friends with me on social networks. She was very friendly and I was happy and surprised that she seemed to have a high opinion of me. That was a few years ago, before so many people were selling things on social media. I noticed that she was selling something, but she was not interested in buying what she was selling. I would comment on some of your non-business related posts, but I noticed once that you had commented on a post by our mutual friend. I hadn’t heard from her in a long time, so I clicked on her profile and noticed that we were no longer friends. Since his account was dedicated only to what he was selling, I decided that he had lost because he was not buying what he was selling. That’s very bad, but he makes a good living from what he sells, and he’s a very purposeful and successful person, so he probably doesn’t have time for people who don’t buy what he sells. This is something that should not be taken seriously because the whole business is based on using personal relationships to sell products. This man has a family to feed and I’m sure he didn’t even think about me. The truth is that we haven’t been that close since the beginning, and this was my first experience with people selling things through social networks. I learned my lesson and now I don’t attach too much importance to friendship that begins with an advertising campaign.

Of course, the opposite could have happened when you had no friends because people didn’t want to buy what you were selling. Give that person some slack and maybe just let them pass you by for a while. It’s hard to make a living selling things online, and at least they try.

6. You complain or brag too much

Not complaining too much or bragging too much is kind of like walking on a tightrope. The bad thing is that both of them attract the attention of the observer, especially boasting. As I said before, I think most social media is self-promotion, so this can be seen as a boast if you always post about the trips you are heading to or the big events that happen to you. So if you stop doing it and start talking about some of the not-so-wonderful things that are happening to you, you may be considered a whistleblower. If you feel that you are not openly bragging, constantly complaining and asking for attention, then you are probably fine. Some people may see you as a braggart or a complainer, but that could be their problem. Maybe they just don’t like you very much for some reason, and therefore everything you do annoys them. He’s not the friend you want. If they really like you, they will be happy for YOU or worried about YOU. If you are a braggart or a complainer and admit it, your friends who really know and love you won’t mind.

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who oppose don’t care, and those who matter don’t care.


Deleted on social networks? Here’s a reason why it’s normal

I recently read that people are hostile to people for writing too much about their pets and children, and I wondered what else is in life. If you look at most of these lists, in principle you can lose friends for almost any reason. People are easily offended, since we live in such a changeable society, and it’s easy for people to leave someone for something insignificant. In most people’s lives, we feel like we have no power at all, but we do have power on social media. The boldness of the keyboard allows us to behave in a way that we would never behave in front of people. Can you imagine approaching someone and telling them that you no longer want to see photos of their cats, so you are no longer going to be their friend? It sounds silly when put this way.

Some people do not take the online world as seriously as others, and their hostility does not mean that you are not worthy of love and friendship. If a hostile person bothers you too much, talk to someone close to YOU to get to the bottom of what bothers you so much. In theory, you don’t want to be friends with someone you’re always afraid of losing. If you’ve offended them once, you’re probably going to offend them again. It’s just not a way to live life wondering when you’re going to offend someone and lose their friendship. Friendship should be 50/50 and it should not be so difficult. You may not be the right one for that person, and instead of wasting time trying to please people who don’t understand what you have to offer as a friend, spend some time finding new friends who understand and appreciate you.