15 Tips to help you stay safe and healthy during online dating

I spent my 30 years looking for love on internet dating sites. It was, to say the least, interesting. I wish someone would give me some advice.

Tips on how to stay safe and sane during online dating.

How to make acquaintances on the Internet
As with everything else in life, in which you navigate yourself, online dating needs to be learned. I’ve spent my entire 30 years on online dating to get to know this special person. I’ve given more ridiculously awful quotes than anyone should be exposed to. After each terribly terrible experience, I left saying, “Well, it’s time to set a rule to never experience this again!”Even though I’ve collected a lot of good stories to share with my friends, it’s been difficult and I’m here to help you by providing some of the things I’ve come up with for myself. They happened when I was looking for love.

Make sure you’re looking for the same thing as your matches.

1. Determine that you are looking for the same thing

You might want to find yours forever, and they celebrate the newfound freedom that comes after they finally break off a relationship that doesn’t add up. Some men will be straightforward and honest, but the sly ones who tell you what you want to hear to get you into bed are harder to catch, especially for a hopeless romantic. Also, think about which apps you use if you have something specific in mind. Tinder is more focused on the culture of communication, and at the other end of the spectrum you have eHarmony, which positions itself as for people looking for love. I found my love in Match, which gives you the opportunity for free. I felt that I would get more by paying, and I didn’t feel that it was too expensive.

2. How Long Ago Was Your Last Relationship?

I’ve found that if they’ve been single recently, they’re often not ready for a relationship, even if they think they are. In general, it is recommended to take the time to heal and re-develop as a person, especially if it was a long-term relationship or involved obligations. This does not apply to 100% of situations, but after I was told, “I’m not ready for this,” when he was the one who talked about all future things, I decided that this should be taken into account.

3. If You Have Children, How does Co-Parenting Work?

Make sure they have a relationship with their ex that you’re comfortable in. Is it stressful and emotional? Or maybe her ex is still in love and sees you as a threat. I hate the drama of other people in my life, so if it’s a stormy situation, I would retire. One of the many I didn’t know had four small children by three different women, and it was exhausting and difficult.

4. Discuss Life goals.

If you are at the peak of your life, career and future, they should also be on top. If only one of you is growing up, you will break up over time.

5. Pay attention to the signs that they may already be in a relationship.

All the red flags that I discard were painfully obvious in retrospect. If they corresponded or called only at a certain time, then they are in a relationship. If his establishment is not the place where you can go, that’s also a good sign. If they don’t want your photos to be together on social media, it’s also another good indicator that you’re a minor character.

6. Make sure they try their best too.

If you feel that it is you who always initiates conversations and dates, it is not only tiring, but it can easily mean that they are not so interested and are around only because you make it easier for them not to participate, but to appear. I’d be sitting like this after months of dating someone when I realized I was always the first to approach. I decided to see what would happen if I didn’t start a conversation and we would never talk again.

7. Discuss Enjoyable Activities.

It’s helpful to find someone who can introduce you to new things and places, but if you’re just not on the same page with what you find funny or interesting, I just don’t see it working.

8. Be Honest With Yourself

Don’t draw an image of someone you’re not. If you find yourself doing this, maybe you need to work on yourself before looking for a real relationship. If you are doing something for self-improvement and you have goals that you would like to achieve, that’s great, and you should talk openly about it and avoid hating yourself.

9. Enter the latest information in Your Profile.

If you trained hard to run a marathon 10 years ago, congratulations! It was very difficult, and I’m proud of you! But if you’re only doing this to succeed, and you’re not sticking to the runner lifestyle and no longer racing for fun, reread rule #8

10. Ask for a recent photo.

In particular, I would ask for a photo that is not in his profile so that I can use it as a contact photo on my phone. After meeting a guy who admitted that all of his photos were 3 years old (and a hundred pounds lighter), I felt like I needed to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. The appearance of a person who doesn’t look like what they advertise is a big disappointment, and they often try to pass themselves off as a villain because you are no longer interested in dating them.

11. Make Sure They Have A Photo With Smiling Teeth.

Including the risk of seeming superficial and superficial, but after missing teeth or something even worse appeared on dates, it became necessary.

12. Try to arrange a call or video chat in advance.

Despite the fact that it seemed to me that I had a billion bad dates, there could have been more! After a phone call, you will be able to better understand someone’s personality and what a personal conversation can be like. This is not a firm rule, some people just don’t like talking on the phone, but there were many cases when they discussed a topic or told a story that made it clear to me that I didn’t want to meet them. It also caused them to arrange a call and then get distracted by their surroundings, and it was a red flag that made them unable to concentrate for a whole 10 minutes to talk to me.

Choose an activity for the first date that will be short, for example, coffee, so as not to feel stuck with this person if you don’t like him.
Choose an activity for the first date that will be short, for example, coffee, so as not to feel stuck with this person if you don’t like him.

13. Keep Your First Date Short.

I went through a lot of painful dinners before I learned how to plan something that could be finished quickly, like coffee or drinks. If I suspected that the date would go very well, I liked to do something that could later lead to something else if you liked his company. One day I was going to the sunset on the beach, which turned into a pleasant walk under the stars, which turned into dinner, which turned into drinks in other places.

14. Meeting in a public place.

Don’t go to someone else’s residence and ask them to pick you up. This alone can lead to disaster, and you don’t want to rely on them to take you home or take you somewhere far away, and you are at their mercy.

15. If You Start To Think That You Are Too Picky, It Is Not So.

Trying to overlook one negative aspect of someone’s personality just because they have other desirable qualities won’t work in the long run. A friend once said to me, “You can’t keep dating him just because he’s a good person,” and it resonated with me. Unfortunately, she dated several men with serious emotional damage for longer than she should have, because she was sure that he would be loyal, and nothing came of it. Only you can decide what is important in your partner, and it’s up to you to disagree.